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BF % Confusion

I’ve been eating more recently trying to do more for muscle growth. I know that fat gain is a part of bulking, and I’ve remained active in basketball to try to keep fat gains to a minimum. I’m gaining more inches on my waist than anything else. My waist is getting thicker, but my skinfolds don’t seem to be any larger. Could somebody please tell me what this might be? Thank you.

  • Alex

You are most likely either adding intra-abdominal fat or retaining water in your midsection due to the increase in total calories. With these changes, your belt will tighten for a bit, but your skinfolds will catch up if you don’t drop the calories soon.

Tell me you didn’t just say fat gain is a part of bulking. Bad timing my friend. Check out the thread Nate Dogg started in the dog pound.

I had the same problem. But mine was from doing heavy loads on th ab machines and not concentrating on holding my abs in. Results were I was training my abs to protrude out. I looked like I was blooted(?spell). I turned it around in a couple weeks.

 SoloJobber please tell me you didnt.


 Training abs cannot make you look bloated. Period.

 Sheesh. It's one thing to have your abs protrude a bit, but still look harder, and another to look bloated.

 Chances are you should lay off the dairy if you want to fix your 'bloatedness', not steer off the ab exercises.

Well maybe I should tell ya that I have do have a layer of fat on the ole abdominals. When my abs started to protrude my ass looked bloated in the stomach area. I am tellin ya. Did you see my bloated ass stomach. No u say. AHH