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Bf and Dieting Estimations


Hi everyone.At the moment I’m around 98 kg.I’ll start cutting on March when my training cycle ends.My goal is strength so I’ll do a not so aggressive using carb cycling.How long do you think it’ll take to get to 13-15 % bf?What bf do you think I’m on right now?


get a tape measure and calipers
pick points to measure with tape
pick points to measure with calipers
track progress
take pictures once a month same lighting standing same way
do not worry to much about body fat %


Thanks for the response
Buying a tape is a great idea I hadn’t thought about.As far as for the bf % it was just out of curiosity


Of course this is a very approximate visual reference but I’d say you’re between 20-25%.


this picture is so dumb. I don’t know why people ever refer to it. The pictures for 3-4 percent and 6-7 percent are probably actually right at the same bodyfat level. Lighting, vascularity, filtering and posing are the differences between these two physiques, not bodyfat. and the 15 and 20 percent pictures look like they’re pretty much the same level as each other as well.

Aside from all that though, the number is such an arbitrary thing. I have no idea what my bodyfat % is, and I don’t care to find out. I’m lean and I look good. I don’t have a % tattooed on my forehead for people to read. Train and diet until you have the physique you want. This will take however long it takes, and will be dependent entirely on your effort.


Get the Skulpt Aim…I have one it’s a pretty awesome tool for tracking your body fat. There’s a video on Youtube showing it’s results versus a Dexa scan, and it’s pretty close.


Why though? Don’t you have a mirror and a camera? I can see absolutely no reason why tracking a bodyfat percentage number would be useful. If you’re a bodybuilder, all that matters is how you look on stage. That can be judged with the tools I already listed. If you’re a powerlifter, all that matters is the amount of weight you can lift versus your bodyweight. Whatever number your bodyfat is at is truly useless. Every sport on earth is centered around performance. If you’re an average joe over 20% bodyfat, this number becomes even more useless. The OP just needs to drop fat, period. He can figure out if he’s losing fat by watching the number on the scale over time, the mirror, and documenting his performance in the gym. A stupid tool that measures bodyfat is beyond useless.


I agree with Flipcollar. I am a bodybuilder and trust me I don’t read into much about the scale and the bf. I rely on how I look in the mirror and how my muscles are shaping up and draining my water. The only time I concern myself with that is when I am two weeks out. But for you just getting down would be the key. You can lose weight and be a “smaller version of you” still holding water etc.
To answer your question about body fat everyone don’t look the same as that picture especially if you are shorter or taller. So like Flipcollar said "Throw that away"
Ask yourself do you look good nake? There is your answer.


That is the key!