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BF% Abs ???


ok i hear around here that 13-14% body fat is when u start to get abs outlines
well i have a friend who i think is around there
he doesnt have the inner lines but the out cut. his arms and pretty cut. and he basicly has no fat sticking out. hes skin was pretty tight.

ok so he went to bally`s trainer and they told him his bodyfat was AVERAGE... ok..
and the guy said that u get abs when u get to 10% and average is 20%
is this true? or the guy is just BS?


Kiplemet pretty much said it all. That guy at the gym was right on. 15-20% is average for males, although I would lean more towards 15. There isn't much difference form a muscle appearance standpoint though.

The key is that everyone is different. Some will look more cut at 12% than others do at 10%.