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Beyond Weighted Crunches?


I think I've reached the point with weighted crunches where the cons of doing them with a 100lb dumbell on my chest for 12-15 reps exceeds their pros - it doesn't seem great for my lower back or chest, plus it's awkward trying to get into position.

I do back extensions for lower back, sidebends for obliques and weighted crunches were my main exercise for abs...now I need something else. Any recommendations? Hanging leg raises? Ab wheel? I've got gravity boots - inverted sit ups?


Check out Thib's new article on the front page.

And yes...ab wheel rocks. I like supersetting it with hanging leg raises, adding a tight squeeze at the top of the movement. It also gets brownie points from the ladies. B-) They think it's hardcore for some reason if you can perform perfect form leg raises. Hard (after awhile anyway)...maybe...but definitely not hardcore...