Beyond Templates in Leaders/Anchors Programming?

Hello, I have the forever bookand I want to know how if we can incorporate beyond templates in the leaders/anchors programmation ?


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OK but are they leaders or anchor template?
BBB leader
FsL leader/anchor
BBB 5x3 or 5x1?

Do you understand the difference between an anchor and a leader template?

Lol dagill you literally just went like:


Yes, leader is more volume and anchor is more intense.
In beyond most of the templates use pr set on 5s, 3s and 1s. So for me they are anchor templates.
Is it right?

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More or less, yes. I would say that a leader has difficult supplemental work (something like BBB or BBS), which necessitates easier main work, whereas an anchor has more difficult main work (plus sets etc.), which means the supplemental work will be easier (3 x 5 FSL).

Edit: sorry, I missed the main question you asked:

If I were fitting templates like BBB into a leaders/anchor format, I’d probably run them as 5s PRO and use them as Leaders and follow up with an Anchor cycle of 3 x 5 FSL or something. But the original format without leaders and anchors works as well today as it did when it was released, so whichever gets you most excited to train.

OK thanks!

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Or you can just not care and do Beyond programs as written.
Leaders and anchors are a Forever thing. Stuff was good way before without em also.