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Beyond Strength Challenge vs Other Options for Meet Prep

Hello Jim and everyone else,

I’ve used the strength challenge from Beyond for my powerlifting meet prep for a couple of years. It does a good job. I’m just wondering, with all the ways that the program has evolved, would you feel there’s now a better way of using 531 to peak for a meet?

I’m using the covid break to try and restructure my programing because I’ve been stuck in a plateau for almost 2 years.

I’m forming a plan of attack around using 85% of 1rm as my training max, beginning with 2 leader cycles of 5s Pro and SSL, anchor of 531 amrap, jokers and FSL, then moving into leader/ anchor cycles using Levethian. Maybe cycling between both of those patterns until meet prep starts. Meet prep would then follow the Beyond Strength Challenge, useless you feel there’s a better way of doing things now?

My competition lift is bench only. I use easier progressions for lower body because of a disability. Hence I can push the bench press a little bit more because I won’t have the same lower body recovery demands as others.

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