Beyond Steroids - The Book

has anyone bought the book by anthony roberts beyond steroids?
how did you like it etc.

AR has burned a lot of bridges on these boards.

It’s a handy reference when I’m offline. Much of the information, including steroid profiles, can be found online in multiple places. There are some typos and gaps in the info, but overall professionally written.

OOOOPs. I was thinking of the Ultimate Research Guide. Ignore my last.

There is better info if ya dig around here, I agree with Superman totally…

i’ve read it and I thought it was pretty thorough. while i use the net for most of my research, i like having a book in hand that i can read away from the computer.

It is true that you can find almost anything on the Net that is in Anabolics or Roberts book or anyone’s book.

I had forgotten about this when I initially replied to this post but you can get a couple chapters for free at my website Just scroll down on the main page and you’ll see the link.