Beyond Program

First of all thanks Jim for creating this program, I’m currently at Phase 3 and can finally go for some PRs!

Just a few questions, I’ve read about resetting the TMs back 3 cycles, after completing 5. With this program being 4 cycles(phases) how would you do it?

Is it needed at all? (taking the deload weeks into consideration)

and finally I would like to run this program 2-3 times before changing, for next time, what assistance work would you recommend?

I’ve also put everything into an excel file if any of you guys want it.
Just note that the warmup is bit different since I did it for me and my friends and they don’t care to find out what standing long jump is for example.
It can be altered so to go with lbs or KGs. Hope it works!

The Beyond program that is on TNation is not meant to be used with 5/3. However the Beyond programming that is in the book can be done with 5/3. Kinda confusing but it makes sense.

Ok, thanks for answering !

thanks for posting the beyond-spreadsheet but what is the the password for removing the write protection?

oh, forget about it, wasn’t necessary!

No worries, Hope you’re enjoying the spreadsheet ! It works with lbs and KGs, you just need to change the first page with your PRs

Nonstop, the spreadsheet is very helpful, particularly as I am generally incompetent with excel. If you would not mind giving the password or giving an unprotected version for ease of modification (e.g., adding jumps), that would be super, but beggars can’t be picky and it is much appreciated in any case. Thanks much!

Sure, no problem. If I remember it correctly it’s janbanan. Go at it :slight_smile: