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Beyond Program: Raising TM? Weight Vest Walk/Run?

1: there’s a template for 5 weeks. After the 5 weeks I should just raise my TM (10 lbs SQ & DL, 5 lbs BP &PR) and start over from week 1?
2: The conditioning part, 2 miles with a weighted vest, should I walk or run? Or it depends on my current conditioning level? And if i put a backpack on my back with laptop, books or whatever for the weight is it as good?

i wouldn’t recommend running with a vest! that would be a bad idea

[quote]eggs420 wrote:
i wouldn’t recommend running with a vest! that would be a bad idea[/quote]
well yeah, come to think about it i guess you’re right :slight_smile:

Ok, so i found the consecutive articles here on T-Nation. So from what I understand, once I finish the “Beyond 5/3/1 Program 1.1” (5 Weeks) I raise my TM and go to “Beyond 5/3/1 Program 1.2” and then 1.3 and 1.4, total of 20 weeks.

Would like an answer to the other question, is it ok if I walk with a heavy backpack instead of a weight vest? I guess it’s ok but would like to see what other people think because I’ve never used a weight vest and not a 100% sure what it feels like.

The vest is going to be far superior. It distributes the weight equally behind and in front of you. It also isn’t all at the bottom of the vest and will be far more comfortable - important for a 20-30 minute session.

That said, I remember we used to throw heavy backpacks on and go walking through scrub, was brutal.

Just be wary of how you pack the backpack and that it can hold the weight comfortably - don’t know many cheap backpacks that can do a good job of 80lbs. Ones that strap around your waist are probably a good start.

I have a GORUCK bag and a 30 lb weighted ruck plate from them and have been using that for the walks. Seems to work fine. Get a huge pump in the rhomboid/lower trap area too.

I don’t mean to piggyback question on this thread, but I had a similar question.

The 1.2 program calls for the “light” days for each lift to go up from the 5x5 from 1.1 to 7x5 (or 7x3 for the deadlift) at the same 75%, even though the weights are going to go up because the TM maxes go up.

I’m not at all challenging this, I was just curious as to why both the volume and weight goes up in this phase of the program?