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Beyond. Not 5/3/1

Next week I’m starting the Beyond program. Not 5/3/1 with different templates etc, or the Tnation Beyond 1.x. The base work going up to Training max from 10% Beyond. The namesake chapter it seems like is being ignored. I couldn’t find any people talking about their experience with it, so I’ll check back in three months and add to the discussion.

I ran 5/3/1 for 9 months, got the high school kids I coach on it. Last six weeks I’ve been doing a Cube type program where I was deadlifting and squatting three times a week at different percentages and I feel pretty wrecked.

it worked for my squat and bench…deadlift jokers didnt quite work to well and press just wasnt quite enough volume…i was doing the volume and strength template version of it…another issue i had wa 5% jumps on jokers if i did it again i would probably do 2.5% jumps…another question i have is why not do the jokers before the PR set because that seems to make more sense to me lifting heavy singles after a PR set was pretty tuff(not saying there isnt some benefit to doing that though)it just makes more sense IMO to do the jokers first

My press is the one lift that really hasn’t gone anywhere. I’ll be interested to see if this approach gets it to move.

“Whether or not you do a PR set or a single is 100% up to you”. So PR if your experience says PR. He’s really strong and I havn’t proven anything so I’ll do what’s in the book.

I loved it, ran it for… 4-5 months? Maybe more, I dunno.

Anyway, re. press and volume: I found that I always did best when doing the option outlined in the book where you go up to the TM for a single, then down and back up to the TM for a PR set, maybe even doing that twice.

My press and bench seem to do best with lower TMs and more volume too, FWIW.

Thanks for your experience there Bob. I’ll keep in mind the waves for the press.

I ran Beyond for around 7 months. My basic template was to work up to the PR set, bust out a couple jokers if I felt like it, then back off to 70-75% and do a 5x5. After a couple months I adjusted the bench and press to a 5x8.

I the end I switched back to regular 5/3/1 and after having tried both I prefer it to Beyond.

Why did you like more about the regular 5/3/1?

[quote]Mattbob wrote:
Why did you like more about the regular 5/3/1?[/quote]

It’s harder.

[quote]some_dude wrote:

[quote]Mattbob wrote:
Why did you like more about the regular 5/3/1?[/quote]

It’s harder.[/quote]

I’m with this guy. The original program, going for PR’s with a no-nonsense attitude and strict adherence to making each day great, is the best one for me too. Helps feed something inside me.