Beyond Brawn

Does anybody here work out the way described in Stuart McRobert’s Beyond Brawn and grow from it? I have a hard time beleiving that working 2 times a week is enough for massive muscle gains.
Thanks ppl.

Is that the book w/ the 20 rep breathing squats? They work, believe me & I’m doing that for a few other exercises too. Lifting 2x/wk works ok for some people & not for others. I think a lot of powerlifters work one bodypart once weekly & they do ok.

At the risk of catching some flames from the anti-HIT crowd, I’ll post my regimen. I’ve done 2x per week sessions for quite a while, and I’ve been progressing, but it seems to have slowed recently, so I’m working on a change-up. Workout A: Pull-ups, squats, dips, crunches. Workout B: Deadlifts, presses, rows, crunches. I do have another day of peripheral stuff (curls, leg extensions), but not a high volume at all. Is this going to get you massive? Probably not, but it’s a good start for some basic strength and muscle gains to build on.

Recently, Stuart, has revamped some of his ideas relating to volume and frequency of training. In one of his latest articles on his site, he outlines a program for hypertrophy that is similar in some respects to what Pavel Tsatsouline has been recommending in his Power to the People book.

You can however grow on the original protocols Stuart recommends, but from personal experience I think volume is what is needed when hypertrophy is the primary goal.