Beyond Beyond 5/3/1?

Right, willing to accept this could be dumb. I’ve ran beyond 1.1-1.3 before and had great results. I would do it again but two things have changed. I now workout at lunch and use a different gym. The old gym was ace but I travel with work and need globo gym . The new gym has few bars and plates but lots of dumbbells. It’s a pain, waiting for racks, benches etc puts a long time on the session and I need to be out quick.

So, I was thinking of doing beyond 1.1 but replace the 55 FSL with the dumbbell version.
For example, day 1 : BB squat 531 & dumbbell bench press 5

I’ve never done dumbbell work so I don’t know if this will work amazing or not at all. I would run krypteia by I think BBB squats and deads will kill me and stop any running, cycling etc.

I’m confused by this statement.

I use to do

back squat
front squat
farmers walk

in the same day two times a week for 12 weeks and I was still able to sprint/run 2x a week. You will be fine. If it’s really that big of thing do your running on lower body days and do your cycling on off days to get some recovery and blood pumping.

I appreciate your comments but I’ve found with experience that volume on those two lifts don’t do much for me, except give me ‘runners knee’

I can squat and deadlift for one top set every 9 days and still make progress. Without knee pain, when I get outside or in the mountains.

Since writing the ask I’ve had a think and it seems like it’ll be a mess as I can’t figure how to adjust volumes.

Might delete the thread and try another template.

Do you do any hamstring work?

Yes I do a fair amount of hamstring work now but they where a definite weak point, and maybe still are. Is this in relation to runners knee? As I think I’ve seen weak posterior and that symptom go together.

What movements? Sets/reps, and how often?

I don’t know how old you are, but similar to @isdatnutty , I would squat and deadlift multiple times a week while also being part of the cross country and track teams in high school. My knee pain (from doing only running) went away as I began squatting and got stronger legs/knees, and that was all I was doing - I hadn’t even discovered glute-ham raises, Romanian deadlifts, good mornings, etc. Once I began doing those my knees (and back) felt great.

You need to do what’s best for you, but I do think any healthy person could reasonably expect to squat and deadlift along with some running and cycling. You don’t need to do very much volume on those lifts - perhaps the normal 3 sets, followed by 5x5 of FSL, or just one Widowmaker set of 15-20 reps. That’s really not a ton to do.

Like Nutty said, doing your hard running following your leg workouts may help, so your legs get more chance to rest in between.

Started using 5/3/1 a couple of cycles ago.
3 warm up sets
3 main sets with last one an AMRAP (no more that 9 for 5 day, 7 for 3 day and 4 for a 1 day)
then 3 Joker sets only
then 5 sets of 8 of FSL weight
then 4 x 10- 12 sets on 1 accessory
then 4 x 10-12 sets on 1 assistance.

also added a 5 day of 5/3/1 weekly to cover Back work that needs addressed.
Too much?