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Beyond Basic Supps?


Hi there,

I've been using protein powder and creatine for a while now and they seem to be doing their job. I know that some people would regard the supps that I mentioned as pretty 'basic', so would any of you guys recommend that I add something else into the mix for gaining mass.

Living in the UK the Biotest stuff is pretty pricy but I think that the time has come to order some of their products as it sounds so damn good. Alpha Male sounds very interesting as does Carbolin 19 (although from what I've gathered, it's not strictly for gaining mass).

Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Just interested to know whether you guys agree that I should try 'stepping up a gear'.



I'd toss in ZMA. Its cheap too.


Hey bro everything you listed as far as supps are great but more info. is needed to give suggestion.

Training age, goals, age, weight, etc..


Keep in mind that Alpha Male and Carbolin 19 are now combined together in new Alpha Male.


Hey thanks for the replies.

In answer to Phill's question: I'm 25, weigh around 194 pounds @ 6 foot. My aim, I guess is to get as big as possible as quick as possible (safely and without 'cutting corners'.

I'm was aware that New Alpha Male contains Carbolin 19 but thought (correct me if I'm wrong) that Carbolin 19 strictly speaking was really for getting a bit leaner whilst maintaining muscle, whereas Alpha Male increases testosterone, which should help increase muscle.

So they are for different aims, is that right?


yea me too, ZMA is great.
you get more dreams which is awesome.



Eat lots and take HOT-ROX (Copyright T Ham , 01 June 2006)

HOT-ROX Extreme with a "clean bulk/mass" diet like the article of almost the same name might be good.

But if you haven't tried eating a lot of food before, or haven't bulked or cut before, it may be better to try without HRX for the first month or so. HRX allows more leway and less fat gain.


Yeah, I thought about ZMA but thought that it was pretty much the same as Alpha Male. Is there a big difference between the two?


a big difference? aside from being completely different no not much. ZMA = zinc magnesium acetate and just helps you recover faster/better and aids in sleeping. Alpha Male is a testosterone booster.


Well Id argue that Alpha Male could be even more beneficial during a cut. Eating hypocaloric in and of itself can have negative effect on hormone level so you may get better aid by boosting them with Alpha Male during this time.


I must have got confused, I thought I read sometwhere that ZMA helped increase testerone levels...


Yep. Allegedly most athletic people are deficient in zinc and Magnesium (because they are sweat out easily and compete with more common minerals, such as calcium, for absorption).

Both are needed for hGH and Test production by the body. So, theory goes, that optimising levels of these minerals leads to higher hGH and Test.

Personally I think that the noticeable benefit is much better/deeper sleep due to Magnesium aspartate being a mild sedative. This then leads to better hormone production.

Either way I think ZMA is worth it. Doesn't cost much either.

If your in the U.K. order from Biotest directly (if you can). Just make a big order and it will work out cheaper than local (at least it does here in Aus).

I'm trying some of the new Alpha Male next month. Kinda pricy though.