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Beyond 531, What's Next?

I have been here a lot but I have to write again, im a 19 years old powerlifter whos currently 83kg at 210kg squat raw ( sleeves ) 230kg deadlift 120kg bench press, Last time I was looking for a program and didn’t really like Wendlers original 531, but in the end I decided to buy Beyond 531 book and im already at my 3rd cycle ( 1.3 ) of it. I want to apologize for Mr Jim Wendler because the program is insanely good and I have been really enjoying it with the joker sets and rep PRs its fun and a really good program.
I have about 7 weeks more till I finish it and want to run another one, I want to hear recommendations so I can by your help choose my next one and start to read about it and If I can find a book I should buy it early too.
Just one last thing im officially invited to the national team and will compete in Europe in June 2017.
Thanks in advance all!

There are like a million different programs in that book. Why not use one of them?

What is your goal for the next cycle?

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I want a more focused program on upper body as I have a really small weak biceps and they are destroying my bench because as you see its really low!

Jim just re-released “Building the Monolith” on his blog. If you wanna build your upper body, that’ll do it.

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