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Beyond 531 Release?


Is beyond 531 coming out today? Where is it going to be available at and who is buying it?


I'm going to wait for the hard copy but eventually I'll buy it. Also check his website I'm sure he will post a link or more info


Yep, I just saw it on his site and will definitely be buying it. Interested in the "advanced 531" part.


Xmas came early. Looks like I will be doing nothing the rest of the day at work but reading this.

Thanks Jim!


Purchased! Looks like I will be busy reading today! Mean. Cheers Jim


Me to.
It´s hard to work from my home office, knowing the Beyond 5 3 1 ebook is safely downloadad to my computer, and I can not read in it til after 15 o´clock.


On first skim, it's a pretty good read.

Loads of new 531 templates, and better detailing for previous templates.

Features that jump out would be the Year Plan, where a whole year of 531 is mapped out including different phases.

Also has an entirely new training system (ie not 531 sets and reps) called Beyond 531. I will start using this system next week I think - it looks good.

Lots of good quality Wendler rambling too.


But, what is beyond, Beyond 5/3/1? Is the next one going to be infinite/infinite/infinite?


Read through the whole thing. Really liked it. It's different than I thought, and in my opinion miles better than anything Jim's written before. My only real gripe with 5/3/1 before was that he seemed a bit tentative about it, and as a result a lot of people used it like pussies. This time around he focuses more on people with greater training experience and strength already under their belts.

Instead of just hitting the required reps or maybe going for a rep max or maybe going for heavy singles sometimes; he is much more about hitting rep PR's every time AND going for heavy singles AND doing drop down sets. Fuck yes. That's what I'm talkin about. I had already adapted my own version of 5/3/1 to be pretty similar to this, because I love training hard, but there were definitely things in the book I was able to immediately take and implement in my own program, especially what he calls "Joker Sets", which I found very cool.

As far as the "Beyond 5/3/1" part, this is actually an entirely new training program. I had no idea he was going to do that. It has similarities to 5/3/1 obviously, and his principals are the same, but it is much more of a circa-max centric program than 5/3/1.

So it's two main programs; his latest iteration of 5/3/1 and the "Beyond" program. There are many variations on each listed as well. Now despite the fact that this Beyond program is his newest creation, in all honesty I think I'll stick with just the 5/3/1. I absolutely love his take on 5/3/1 in this book; it's got literally everything I want in a training method.

Well worth the buy imo.


5/3/infinity would make a cool training log name


Damn, a couple of months back I bought the second edition. Is this book good for beginners as I'm just in my second cycle after a year Stronglifts? Or should I wait for the second edition of this while I do 5/3/1 as before?


This book has plenty in it for both beginners and advanced lifters. If you just bought the 5/3/1 second edition, there's nothing wrong with just following that for a while before you give this a read though.


I'm at the joker sets part right now and like the idea a lot, particularly for powerlifters.

If you're a beginner, following some of those insanely looking boring but big templates should get you big and strong in no time.


No Westsiders allowed in this thread, GTFO! I'm kidding of course...please don't kill me with your pinkie.


Thanks. I appreciate the comments.


Quick question.......on the beyond 531 program there are options for 6 and 7 days a week templates. Does this mean you use the beyond 531 sets/reps twice a week or would you use deload percentages one time?


This is up to you -if you want to "deload" use the H.I. deload. But that's really just the base program. The Beyond 5/3/1 program is 100% dependent on the lifter making smart decisions on every aspect of his training and his training DAY. This is what I like to call "programmable auto-regulation."


On the website it says that the kindle edition will be available soon. Do you know whether that's in the next week soon, in the next month soon, or end of summer soon?


I'm guessing 1-2 weeks? This has to do with the company doing the conversion, not me. I'm at their mercy.


Quick question, Jim:
On Page 41, Beyond 531, Template 3 - 4 days / week, am I correct in interpreting this as two main lifts per day, 4 days per week?
So you'd do every lift twice instead of once per week... Or do you just mean pick one of the main lifts each day?

Cheers man, really enjoying the read.