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Beyond 531 (20 Week Program)


Hey Jim I really like your Beyond 531 20 week program thats published on here at tnation. I was actually thinking about starting it next week. I know you hate when people butcher your programs but I just wanted to get your thoughts on couple questions before I started.

  1. Would it be ok to substitute box squats for back squats in the program? I just love box squatting and its much joint friendly for me personally.

  2. I looked through the program and saw the only leg work is through squatting and deadlifting. I was wondering would it be possible to add some direct hamstring and some single leg work in the program? perhaps 2-3 exercises on the second day?

Thanks for your help

  1. That is fine.
  2. This is not fine.


You know, if you sent Jim back to ancient Sparta, he'd fit right in... :slightly_smiling: