Beyond 531 1.3


Just starting 1.1 - 1.4.

I noticed on 1.3 that each day usually begins with a TM x PR followed by joker sets. Wondering what the rep/set scheme I am supposed to be using for TM x PR portion?


You work up to your TM.

Then you try set a rep record. For example, if your TM is 300lbs and your best is 7 reps. You try go for 8 or more reps on the TM set.

Remember you need to do this for 4 weeks in a row.

Thanks for the reply

I see what your saying. I just can’t imagine hitting anymore than maybe three reps on my PR lift. Just doesn’t leave much room for joker sets.

1.3 is 10 weeks away for you, you’ll get stronger - even with the TM bumps. You can always start with a lower TM if you are really worried about it.

I have an additional question for 1.3. I need some clarification on the Joker part. I have read and understood the part about Jokers in the Beyond book.

But I cant figure out how to use it in this context.

I work up and go for rep max on my TM, and then the Joker sets - but at what rep range are they done? In 1.3 you dont follow the traditional 531 scheme. Is the Jokers for singles, or the rep range corresponding to the week I´m in?

It is my understanding that after the TM, you would assess if you felt you could make say a 10% jump and get the desired reps, so if its a 3 week, can you get a 3 rep joker set at that next weight? If you complete that then you can go up again or if you feel can’t get 3 more reps at a higher weight you could do a single or just call it a day at the previous set. Just be 100% certain that you will not miss any reps. If it’s a 1 week, go for a single, if its a 5 week for a joker set of five reps if you plan on doing them that day. Just my 2 cents!