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Beyond 5/3/1


Hi there Jim,love your programs as they are something I can do in my shed.Im keen on doing the the program beyond 5/3/1 and im just wondering along with the strength gains is this a good one for mass gains too?,I know there is theBBB but I like the look of this one,thanks


I'm not Jim, but thought I'd throw in...

I've done 531 and beyond 531 for a few years now, and while I have made some mass gains, this is primarily a strength program. I gained a lot of strength doing this as well as some decent mass gains, but honestly there are better programs for mass. Not knocking Jim's work at all, just saying. For mass I respond better to higher volume (which I thought would change with my age, but apparently hasn't). Even doing 4X/week, with joker sets and FSL rest-pause along with reverse BBB and assistance, I saw better mass gains doing something else. Could be as simple as my gains had stalled on this and a different stimulus acted as a jumpstart, I don't know.

Again, just my 0.02. Nothing wrong with trying it out. This is a marathon, not a sprint, so if you try it for a few months or a year and aren't happy with the mass gains, then try something else. Different strokes, and all that.


cheers thanks


For mass gains this line may get beaten again and again but eat more. You want to get bigger eat more. I'm also not talking about junk food or ice cream just eat more beef, rice, steak, oats, whole eggs those sort of things bigger portions. Jims programs which ever one you choose should work fine at size and strength. just eat more food at the meals you have now or add another meal in.

If you cant cook meals then drink Shakes with Oats Fruits and Protein. I am not trying to criticize you because it took me awhile to understand this but until I started to eat how I describe I put on quite a bit of mass. Programs can only do so much the kitchen is the place to grow. I hope this helps.