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Beyond 5/3/1 Weight Vest Walking


What is everyone using for a weight vest with the Beyond 5/3/1 conditioning ? Weight ? Brand etc. ?


I use an MiR (3 to 60 lbs). How much weight I use depends on terrain, time, and whether or not I want to enjoy myself.


XVest 84lbs


I wish they would make these things look less suicide bomber like. I changed my circuit to avoid government buildings.


I have the 84lb X-Vest, I think from Jim's recommendation somewhere. Walking with it fully loaded for 2 miles was a bit much for me in the Tucson summer heat (generally just below 100 when I go at night), so I knocked the weight down and have been working my way back up as I acclimate. And yeah, it looks like a bullet-proof vest or something, so I get strange looks and sometimes people go off the sidewalk to avoid me. :confused:


This I can understand. I always like to recommend that one buys the heaviest vest they can afford - as the weight can always be taken out.


Mine is a MiR short vest and looks more like a police tactical vest. I chose the short over the long version because it's easier to bend over in and gives me more manoeuvrability if I'm climbing/scrambling up/down objects/trails. The trade off is that the short vest has one less row so it tops out 60 lbs instead of the 90 that can be carried in the long version.

I supplement the vest with a 50 lb Alpha Strong sandbag. I like it because I can take turns carrying it with a training partner(s), and we can compete at pointing out stupid shit to climb while it's the other dude's turn to carry it.