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Beyond 5/3/1 Weekly Progression

Hi, I have a doubt about the progression of the Beyond 5/3/1. Each cycle I increase TM, but isn’t there a weekly progression?

I’m confused which template from Beyond 531 you’re talking about?

Are you talking about the 4 part Beyond 531 article on T Nation?

I’m talking about Beyond 5/3/1 training maximally, The program that plans to rise with the weight Up to 100% TM for a single or PR. To progress weekly, do I use one of Jim’s options as a supplement work?

Oh I get you now. There is a hell of a lot you can do with that plan, because the overall volume is lower than the original 531 set up, you should definitely pick from the suggested templates of supplemental work using the main lift. Regarding PR sets, there are many suggestions for that too, this program leaves a lot of freedom to the user. You can PR, hit a single if you feel off and go to something like FSL, do Jokers. I mean if you read the book there is the 26 week program which brings you through the progression from 531 PR+Window makers through the TM PRs to Joker sets, it lays the whole thing out, it also gives you a progression of training intensity.

For progression I’d do the same as any other 531 template. Keep hitting it and recording numbers, and increase TM every 3 weeks, deload every 7th week roughly, depending on the template.

thank you so much

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