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Beyond 5/3/1: Training Maximally & Jokers Progression

Hey there.

Out of curiosity: Does any of you use some kind of weekly planned progression on your joker sets in the Beyond 5/3/1: Training Maximally template? Such as shorter rest periods, more reps or sets?

I just planned out my next 6 weeks and on cycle 1 I’m going for rep maxes (the 100% sets) on week 1 with no jokers, week 2 will be jokers with no rep max at 100%, and then rep max again on week 3. Cycle 2 will flip to jokers on week 1, rep max on week 2, jokers on week 3. I’m planning on beating (would like to beat) the reps and push the jokers up each time through.

Now this is just ‘the plan’ and of course this method is going to depend on my strength levels at the time of the workout so I have room to vary it. In a perfect world it would be easy to map it out. It’s going to be fun.

Good luck to you in achieving your goals!