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Beyond 5/3/1 Training Maximally Base Workout Question?

I am on my third cycle of a classic 5/3/1 with the BBB 3 month challenge. I picked up a copy of Beyond and the Beyond 5/3/1 Training Maximally section caught my eye but am a little confused. Here’s my issue in the example in the book (400 lb TM)
Jim writes out Bar x10 then he jumps right to the 30%x 3-5 reps. Am I lost on where the first 2 sets went or they just combined into one 10 rep set because of the low intensity? Or do I just not understand the program from the beginning.

In the example, 10% is less than the bar and 20% is basically the bar plus a couple of 10s.

So this is just applying some common sense and doing a set with the bar and moving on (ie. 10xbar is more work than 5x less than the bar (obviously) and 5x80lbs)

Thank you Tsantos. Appreciate it

Thanks that makes sense but also brings up a new question for me. Applying the same common sense if I have several sets under or at the bar (OHP TM is 140) then two sets with bar or just one and move on to working up to my TM for the single and move on to Joker Sets. Thanks for bearing with me.

TM = 140

Doing the math real fast, it seems the warm up sets in the classic 5/3/1 put you at

55 x5
70 x5
85 x3

Just add 2 sets of the empty bar x5, or 1 set x10 before the calculated warm up sets. You could do the beyond warm up, but that may not be conducive to your current strength levels. In any event, your warm up using beyond would look like this:

DISCLAIMER this is way overthinking this…

WORK BACKWARD IN 10% INCREMENTS (14 pounds, so really 15 pound increments for you).

5’s week:
Bar x 10

60-15 = 45 (bar x5-10)
75-15 = 60x3-5
90-15 = 75x3-5

work sets

I have used this training structure extensively and had a lot of success with it. It is heavily autoregulated and therefore suited to experienced lifters who are comfortable making decisions about training. I do not say this to be a prick, but if you need these questions answered for you by others, you should not be using this program.

Maybe revisit it in a few years when you’re more ready to take the wheel.

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Ramo No worries I understand that my question seemed uniformed or simple. I was just looking for some clarification on how it was written in the book and opinions. I’m not an expert obviously and the only stupid question is one unasked.

Maybe I should have doe this before. I attached an excel file with what I have written out as the base work out for the program according to my current TMs.


wait a sec, your TM for deadlift is 480 but your TM for OHP is only 140?

Yep shoulders have always been a weak point for me. I had surgery on my right shoulder in 2008 when I was wrestling in college.

Well your deadlift is impressive nonetheless, especially with weak shoulders. You can warm up each lift differently. Beyond warm up may work well for your stronger lifts, and stick with the calculated warm ups on the weaker ones (40% 50% 60%). Do what works for you and don’t reinjure your shoulder.

marc4497 thanks for both pieces of advice. I apologize for for being so detail oriented but I’ve been doing some kind of athletics for most of my life and avoided major injuries (except for my shoulder obviously) by asking stupid questions when no one else did. My plan is to begin the Training Maximally Program after I finish my current 5/3/1 cycle (5/3/1/3 month BBB challenge). I am going to use Template 1 for the first 6 weeks while rotating through the options/variations depending on how I feel to feel it out then jump up to template 5 if I’m feeling good. I just want to be able to have the numbers straight before I begin because it’s a lot of weight and I’m not good at math.