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Beyond 5/3/1 Strength Challenge Question


Hi I have a question about the strength challenge in the beyond 5/3/1 book, the one where you are hitting the training max for maximal reps on 5th week and 110% of your training max on the 9th week. I would like to know for 100% if you still increase the training max by 10 lbs for lower and 5 lbs for upper every 4 weeks or do you run the same training max for all 12 weeks? I'd greatly appreciate all replies.

Thank you!


Bumping an old thread. Does anyone have an answer for this question?


Answer: same as every single 5/3/1 program/template ever written.


Great. Thanks. I try not to assume.


I was going to ask the same question today since I was going to run it on someone I am training who is already doing 5/3/1. Since i falsely assumed that one my stick to the same TM the entire 12 weeks. Im glad I looked into it.

Guess they are really going to have to man up since the TM still goes up after each deload.