Beyond 5/3/1 Question

I am planning on running this program and wanted to keep it as simple and minimal as possible while gaining as much strength as possible. With that said, if I were to run the Joker Sets + First Set Last method, would it go something along the lines of…

Standard 5/3/1 (Bench Press, Deadlift, OHP, Squat)
Joker Sets
First Set Last (AMRAP variation)

And then call it a day?

Thanks for your replies

Yep. Add in some lat work and ab/low back.

Anything else is pretty much wasting time and energy that can be used for other things. The POINT of performance training is better performance NOT seeing how tired you can get from a day of training. This is very hard for many to understand and implement due to rampant misinformation that is spewed by amateurs.

Sure is nice to see a fellow 5-3-1 fan just do it as written