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Beyond 5/3/1 Joker + FSL


Read your book and am getting started on a program based on it. I have a question regarding laying out training days in combination with boxing (tuesday and thursday). Boxing includes body weight strength exercises as well as wrestling/pulling etc in addition to cardio, Heavy bag and sparring. I am always most fatigued in my shoulders and neck after boxing and have been thinking it is best to avoid shoulder/chest exercises before and in between boxing workouts.

My lifing goals are getting big and strong without getting too much slower. I am 6.4 and 240 pounds, at around 21% fat. 41 years old (perhaps impacting recovery).

I have planned the following:

Friday: Bench
Saturday: Deadlift
Sunday: Press
Tuesday: Boxing
Wednesday: Squat
Thursday: Boxing

Am I getting enough time between behch and press?
Will 5/3/1 amrap, jokers, fsl be enough without any accessory exercises?

Judo Practice and 5/3/1

Friday: Bench/squat
Saturday: Recovery/Movement
Sunday: Dead/Press
Tuesday: Boxing
Wednesday: Recovery/Movement
Thursday: Boxing

No Jokers, Limited FSL (3x5), superset main work with assistance (bodyweight).

100% chance this will work.


Thank you! Will do so.