Beyond 5/3/1 for Strength, Power and Endurance

Hi there,

I’ve seen a lot of info about Wendler’s 5/3/1 and have been running with a version of the program whereby I train twice a week as follows:
Workout A
Squat supersetted with pull ups final finisher set for 15 reps (last set for muscular endurance)

Bench press superset with pullups final finisher set for 15 reps (last set for muscular endurance)

Inverted bodyweight rows 3 x 10

Workout B
Deadlift supersetted with chin ups final finisher set for 15 reps (last set for muscular endurance)

Overhead press supersetted with chin ups final finisher set for 15 reps (last set for muscular endurance)

bodyweight dips 3 x 10

Rest between sets is 1 min to 1 min 30 seconds

I realise that this is slightly bastardised and so am interested in buying beyond 5/3/1 however before I buy, I’d like to know if there is a template in there for strength and muscle endurance (I’m not too fussed on getting big, if it happens then that’s fine but it’s not a primary concern but strength, endurance and power are)

If anyone can tell me that there’s a template then I’m pretty happy to pick up a copy!

Cheers in advance!

All of them aside from programs like the monolith and such are for strength. As far as the endurance, thats just built over time. I’m not quite sure what you want to accomplish with endurance (ie bench 225 for 20, squat 315 for 15, etc. Or something different?) but if you add in fsl and such you won’t have a problem getting in reps and the jumps and such will keep you explosive. With power, that’ll come with strength and a mindset of being powerful. Hopefully this answers your questions!

Thanks oldbeancam, that answers quite a few.

The reason I’m looking at endurance is that while maximum strength is good, I’d want to be able to utilise that same force again but not have to wait a full 2 minutes to be able to utilise that again (I’m coming from a viewpoint of law enforcement rather than competition).

I looked at FSL, issue I had with that is that I can only probably manange about sub 10 reps with my first set weight (unless I work with my first warm up weight I guess)

With regards to power, i find that I can move the weight, just not very quickly, so have added in an extra session a week for plyometrics and some HIITjust for giggles…

Thanks for the info though, that;s much appreciated!

You should be able to do 10 reps with your first set in all honesty, but if you cant, you could always do 5-8x5, 5-8x6, etc just keeping it around 50 reps and try to get to 5x10. That is of you really want to add in an fsl cycle. And don’t get fixated on the power issue. I feel like that will come, and while having “power” is great, some people just aren’t very explosive on some lifts. I’m very methodical and move steady on deads and bench, but I snap out of the hole on squats and overhead presses. It varies really. If you are really trying to up the endurance, do a 3 day 531 fullbody and add in heavy prowler work and sandbag medleys. You could look at alpha or pwnish3r’s logs for medley ideas as well.

Cheers again oldbean!

Some good info there, I may take a look though at their logs, are they stored here or in the book?

Their logs are on here. Look up Alpha B and Rebirth of the Juggernaut in training logs. Also, @littlesleeper has been killing it with stongmanesk conditioning lately so you could look at his as well.

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