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Beyond 5/3/1 and Strongman


So I have used the 5/3/1 BBB where I add 5x10 @ whatever my first set was. Anyways, I made the program to do 2 days a week, then created an event day that kept the same 5/3/1/5x10 style. All wrapped up with awesome abs work courtesy of Pavel and grip work from Ironmind. This Frankenstein of programs is my best rendition of a Strongman competition prep program. Let me know what you think!


Post it man, lets see


Yeah what ^^ said. Lets see the tf (training log). I don't entirely know what BBB. Be careful with Pavel too, I think he may have been full of shit. Don't think he was a master of sport as he claimed. But take my 2 cents with caution, I don't care enough about his philosophy to research it.


Hey Gents,

Sorry for the issues, thought the upload worked in the initial post, but apparently not, let me know if this one works. Please note that all I took from Pavel is the abs work. However I do get good info from some of his books, along with Marty Gallagher, Dan John, and others.

Let me know what you think of this program, I am very excited to start going with it!


I had to just copy paste the skeleton into the text as I can't get anything to post as far as attachments.

This is done with the Beyond 5/3/1 Boring But Big Variation 1 template (check the book because it's too much info to type in).

Carries are done a bit different, as you can't do reps with carries, each carry is done at the same percentage as the 5/3/1 BBB Variation 1, but are done as single carries only (so you would end up with 8 carries per event). Also, the carry distances can vary to make it harder/easier.

1. Main Lifts
a. Axle Cleans
b. Axle Press (nicer on my wrists and elbows, donĂ¢??t know why)
c. Squats
2. Abs
a. Barbell Roll Outs (abs roller but with barbell)
b. Front Planks
c. Hanging Leg Raises (or knees raises)
3. Grip
a. CoC Grippers
b. Barbell Finger Rolls
c. Wrist Lever
1. Main Lifts
a. Box Jumps
b. Benchpress
c. Deadlift
2. Abs
a. Russian Twists (also called Full-Contact Twists)
b. Side Planks
c. Saxon Side Bends
3. Grip
a. CoC Grippers
b. Barbell Finger Rolls
c. Wrist Lever
a. Axle Press/Deadlift/Log Press/Axle Deadlift Medley
b. Axle Clean and Press (Re-clean each rep)
c. Farmers Walks
d. Stone and Keg Carry Medley
e. Stone Lifts (to platform, over bar, or just ground to standing)