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Beyond 5/3/1 and SST


Would I be able to blend beyond 5/3/1 with SST?

As in do my main lifts as per the program, and do my assistance as the periodised assistance work and 3x10-20 outlined in SST?

I kind of like SST but want to give beyond 5/3/1 a try at some point due to my bjj schedule.


Are you asking if SST can be done 3 days per week?


That would be the idea if I blended it with beyond 5/3/1. I’d do my deadlift and press assistance on the same day.

Is this kosher?


No. I would train very differently because of BJJ. I’m not sure you understand Beyond training either. How is it 3 days/week? There are 11 different templates for the Beyond.

To sum it up: don’t do it.


Thanks Jim. Loving your program, best thing I’ve ever done. I do BJJ once a week on Sundays, I’m not competitive or anything yet because I’ve done two sessions ever. Although my strength is there my technique would probably let me down right now.

Would you care to elaborate on your changing training point?

**I was talking about the Beyond 5/3/1 1.1