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Beyond 5/3/1 1.1-1.4 Ab work

I just started 5/3/1 1.1 (after doing 5/3/1 BBB and Thibaudeau’s Athlete workout) and was wondering if there is any abdominal specific work that I could/should do.

I looked in the Beyond 5/3/1 ebook and some of the workouts in there (12 Week SSS) mention ab workouts but the book doesn’t go into specifics.

Any thoughts? I was thinking about doing them on the weighted vest endurance days (or at least one of those days).

The weighted vest walks on Turs, Thurs, Sat is you ab work…

I’m on week 18, I have done ab wheel instead of sidebends. You don’t need a bunch of extra ab/any-work on this badass program.

I did realize that. I guess I should say more targeted ab work. Technically the squats are pretty good workout for abs

I’ve read a lot on tnation about how side bends have fallen out of favor and was wondering about that. Seems like I would still want to do some sort of oblique work as opposed to straight ab.

There’s a nice circuit in the 2nd Edition that goes like this:

Sit ups (if weighted, hold plate behind your head) 10 reps
Hanging leg raise 10 reps
Ab Wheel 15 reps
Side bends 20 per side

You can do this after each 5/3/1 workout, or fit it into your schedule how you see fit, just get it done 2+ times a week.

Repeat circuit 2 times the first 2 weeks
Repeat circuit 3 times the second 2 weeks
Repeat circuit 4 times from then on.

Progress by adding weight/reps/circuits, move on from knees to feet in the ab wheel, etc…

This circuit hits everything if performed correctly - do the reps slowly, fully contract the abs… really the basics. I’ve never seen any need to change my core routine from basic sit ups, leg raises, ab wheel and side bends. My core is relatively strong and I have no back issues at all - but when I do core exercises I don’t flail around like a dumbass - I brace my abs and make every rep as hard as possible, no momentum. Stop between every leg raise, pauses a the top of every sit up, control the weight during side bends. Again, the basics.

Side bends are awesome if you do them correctly. Lower the weight slowly, explode up, unilaterally loaded. Focus on keeping all of the core musculature tight. Again, the basics to any ab routine.