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Beyod 5/3/1 Duration/Frequency and Shortening the Program

Hi Jim, Big fan, been doing 5/3/1 for 2 years now or so and want to switch to Beyond. I just have a simple question, can this program be fit into 16 week 4 days a week.

example like this.

Squat 5/3/1
Bench Press 5x5 at 75%

Deadlift 5x5 at 75%
Overhead Press 5/3/1

Squat 5x5 at 75%
Bench Press 5/3/1

Deadlift 5/3/1
Overhead Press 5x5 at 75%

Following Phases would look similar except maybe 1.4


Even structuring it this way there’s still plenty of recovery, time for conditioning and no heavy lifting 2 days in a row on similar lifts.
I just want to train 4 days a week and fit this program into 16 week
Should I try it this way? see how it goes and hopefully it wont cause overtraining/stalling
Obviously I will lower my TM by atleast 10-15kg for Lower body lifts and 5-10kg for upper.

my Stats are at 95kg BW 34y/o
Deadlift 235kg 517LB
Bench 117kg 257LB (bench was always my weakest)
OHP 91KG 200LB
Squat 165kg, 363LB
Push Press 110kg 242LBs

Main goal is strength + size that’s why I’ve always liked 5/3/1. High Intensity + high frequency is my preferred style of any training The reason why I want to switch to beyond its very high frequency and medium volume

Thanks you, From Australia

I have no idea. You are taking a 3 day/week program and turning it into a 4 day/week program; so asking me if it is going to work, or asking to do it is something I can’t answer. I have learned on this forum that you guys will do whatever you want so just be smart, use common sense and use your indicators that you’ve learned over the past decade to steer all programming. Also, have built in “outs” as all great programmers have.

Just wanted your opinion. I followed OG 5/3/1 as it was written and liked it, progression was good until I switched to 5s Pro and then after few months I just stalled… (don’t think 5s Pro is for me) so ill just do Beyond as it is written then, no modifications to anything, see how it feels, and if I remember ill post my results after I run it, thank you very much for reply