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Beverly INT Carb load

Has anybody out there used Beverly International methods of dieting and eating an extremely high carb meal with fat before bedtime every 3or4th day to shock the body and rev up your metabolism. I’m nervous to eat over 200 g of carbs right before bed.

brent–I eat a high carb meal as suggested by the Beverly folks every 3 to 5 days. I feel it helps, besides, I get sick of protein foods sometimes and crave a baked spud with butter, or my favorite, buttermilk hotcakes with melted butter, syprup, and strawberries on top. Yum! 200g of carbs is only 800 some calories. You won’t turn into a blimp over that once or twice a wk. If you are paranoid, cut calories slightly on the other meals that day to compsensate. This anti-carb stuff is going to ridiculous extremes. The carbs you want to avoid are the sugary ones on a regular basis. On a regular basis. Once a week or so I like to treat myself by going to the mall and getting half dozen fresh baked cookies. Hey, carbo load meal! Or a pint of ice cream once in awhile. Live a little. My physique isn’t any the worse for it, and it helps break the monotony of the chicken breasts, beef and vegetables which I get sick of so much. I am not a contest bodybuilder, have no intention of being one. I don’t think those people are any healthier than me just because they have ridiculously low levels of bodyfat. Look at “contest shape” bodybuilders–they look so starved. So go ahead and carbo load every three to five days. You need to replenish glycogen levels, and the accompanying pumps will be a nice payoff.

your body is very depleted, and the carb types are low glycemic. if this is what they told you to do, follow it. i use them and they are geniuses at getting shredded.

I ordered their newsletter and decided i’m going to finally try their approach to get into contest shape. From what people say on their site as well as others, they’re supposed to be the best. Only thing is Im gonna use more protein, 1.5g per lb bodyweight. Their basic ratio for a fat loss diet is 55-60%protein, 30-35%fat and 10-15%carbs from vegetables except on the carb-load day. Also, get the Fat Burning Diet by Jay Robb, its the same diet Bev Int recommends and a great book overall, and I have every low-carb bodybuilding book.