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Bevelry International Opinions?


I am looking for some other T-Nation members (and hopefully Cy) to weigh in on Beverly International's Supplement line and the quality of their products.

Their protein is one of the few that can even come close (note I said come close) in flavor quality to Grow!.

Can anyone offer some insight?


I have heard Dr. Serrano speak highly of some of their stuff.


It's top quality, though a little overpriced. You can usually find it on sale at times, though, through distributors (not the main site).



The protein is great. BUT, now I use protein factory and they can make stuff that's even more high tech.


Great quality, great taste.
Muscle Provider as a post w/o protein and Ultra Size other times of day.
Ultra Size uses cream as a fat source, thus allowing it to be used in cooking and baking. Good recipes on their site.


Beverly--I'm not sure but aren't they related or a sister company of Weider's Nutritional Line? If so, I don't know if I'd support them. I mean, I love bodybuilding, I believe they put great effort into their products and regulate well, but I think Biotest should be supported over Beverly, basically same protein, if not better and a better price. Also, for the guy that uses PF.com, they're off on their proteins. Search online for "test results and Protein Factory". You might be surprised.