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Bev Francis NPC Atlantic States 2009


So I just got back, was watching a friend of mine compete in the figure competition.


I got to meet Jay Cutler! Shook his hand and got his autograph, real nice -- albeit withdrawn -- guy. But the thing is, I was sooooo nervous. So nervous that I passed up the opportunity to meet Dexter Jackson and Ronnie Coleman (two feet away from me).

I just couldn't operate. I guess I never realized what it would be like to see them in person, so I froze up. Has this ever happened to anybody else? I mean I'll make sure I get the chance to see them at the Arnold's or Olympia or some other comp next year... but I still can't believe I didn't approach them. Has this happened to anybody else?

Overall awesome show. Did anybody else make it?


I work out at the same gym as Jay and some other pros and I am the same way when he comes in to workout, I'm always telling myself Ill stop and talk to him and get a photo or autograph before or after he workouts out but I cannot muster up the courage to do it, yeah im a big pussy, I know


It's normal to feel that way I guess.
I wouldn't want to bother the guy when he's working out...and he probably gets people doing it all the time.


I met Ronnie Coleman about two years ago at a local bodybuilding show he was guest posing and signing autographs before, first thing I told him was YEAHHHHHH BUDDDY! LIGHT WEIGHT!! lol! shook his hand told him I'm a big fan and went along my way.


Jay is one of the most personable pros I've ever met. Worst one...Stan McCrary