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Between bball game recovery

The team i help coach has 4 games in 1 week! terrible schedule we draw! What tips do you guys have to recovery (physical and mental)

Ive got slow digesting carbs before matches for constant energy levels

High GI after for glycogen replenishment,

Proetin for recovery… anything else?
What supps are good? Any experiences?


somthing that has seemed to help me is a smaller bottle of gatorade [2 1/2 servings]with 10g glutamine. i sip this throughout games and practice. on top of eating pretty well, i think this has helped alot.

Also I would suggest a good stretch after each game. Not enough people/teams do that.

Thing that has helped me best recover after rugby games is contrast showers with ice cold water and then hot water for about 5 to 10 mins, sheer hell but follow it with a good protein carb drink and things should look better.

Pool sessions with max ROM exercises and weights work with 50% is used by the south african rugby team to recover quicker, pool on the same day and then weights the following day.