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Better Video - Squat Form Check


Squat video, used one of the suggestions to use a box as honest depth, want any feedback. Know I came forward out of the hole, let my hips go back to fast. So need to work on that and possibly my abs and lower back.


Damn strong squat, BigDawg. Only thing I could see wrong was that you let your chest cave and your upper back rounded a bit. Keep your chest up and your back tight!

That said, you squat more than me, so I'll STFU now.


I'm a relative noob and squat like a girl, but I would sugest maybe lowering the bar a bit on your back. But wait for more experienced people to chime in.


I agree with JayPierce. If you have access to a SSB, that should probably fix the problem of leaning forward. If you don't, just make a mental checklist before you begin your lift. Make sure to really push your abs against your belt as hard as you can. Strong squatting, man. Very impressive. Good luck!



I like your 'box'. I might do that at the next gym that doesn't have aerobics steps or low plyo boxes.


Very nice strength.

I think your back may be your strong point. I've seen this before.

I suspect your bending forward off the box because your legs are relatively weak compared to your back. By bending forward it makes it easier for your legs to raise your hips. Then your back takes over and finishes the lift. I don't really see you upper back rounding over.


Watch his elbows in relation to his back. They move forward and very slightly apart. The apparent forward movement is actually his middle back rounding, and the movement apart from each other is his chest caving.

It's very subtle - not enough to fail the lift - but correcting it could add some pounds.