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Better to Take AI with Injection or to Spread it Out Over the Week?


Hey guys,

I’m on 120mg a week of Testosterone Enanthate (UGL possibly overdosed). I pin it in 2 doses (60mg each) every 3.5 days. I take .5mg Anastrozole (pharma) with each injection. After 6 weeks on this schedule I got bloods (on my trough right before the next injection in a fasted state at 9AM) and here were the results:

  • Total testosterone: 1107ng/dl (ref: 250-1100)
  • Free testosterone: 386.5 pg/ml (ref: 35-155)
  • E2 (sensitive essay): 49 pg/ml (ref: <= 39)

As you can see my E2 is a bit high, I have been feeling some E2 symptoms like bloat and my libido and erections haven’t been raging as I would expect since my test levels are now in the upper range. Those two things aren’t much different from before I started TRT, even morning wood isn’t a daily occurrence, only sometimes.

My question is, am I doing the wrong thing taking the AI the way I am. I fear it may be hitting my system hard and leaving quickly.

Would it be better to take .25 Anastrazole every other day making for an equivalent weekly dose overall (1 pill per week) but more spread out. Could this bring my E2 down to the 20-25 range?

So instead of .5 with every injection instead .25 every Mon / Wed / Fri / Sun?


This is easy.

Anastrozole is a competitive drug, with T, and has the expected linear effects.

Target is 22pg/ml and you are at 49

New dose is 0.5mg twice a week X 49/22 = 1.11mg twice a week.
That suggests that your T dose may be closer to 200mg/week, but TT certainly does not read that way. SHBG may be lower.

Try 1.0 mg at time of injections.
Half life means that dose change delivers final serum levels in ~five days. So effect will build.
I expect that you will feel like a different guy in one week.

Please aways to labs half way between injections so that lab timing artifacts are minimized.

While both T and anastrozole serum levels will drop some in 3.5 days, they maintain a useful ratio and E2 is manage well this way. So you can stick to EOD/E2D injections.

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That would be 2 pills a week. For a week I tried 1.5 pills and started to feel symptoms of low E2 so I stopped quickly. I crashed my E2 twice before so I knew what to look for. I fear 2 pills a week as you are suggesting will crash my E2.

Is it possible that one’s body feels crappy at the beginning stages of lowering E2 (hence my symptoms) but later adjusts to the lower levels and feels good?

In that case it would be worth riding out the initial discomfort.


this observation is based on bloodwork or feeling?


Didn’t get bloods but I couldn’t sleep due to constant hot flashes, joints hurt to the point where I couldn’t move, was constantly thirsty and was depressed.

On ceasing AI and still injecting Test for a week all these symptoms went away.


At that time, were you injecting once a week or twice?
If once, anastrozole would overrun your dropping T at end of week.


The first time it was a weird situation, it was several years ago I was on gels and taking AI for pubertal gyno even before that, my first post on this forum was about that. It was a whole mess so not gonna mention it.

But the second time was very recent, and everything was the same as now. 120mg total (60mg shot every 3.5 days), 2 shots a week. That was just a little over a month ago.

I’m more inclined to try the .25 every other day. It will come out to the same amount overall (1 pill). Do you think there will be any benefit to doing that over taking .5mg with each shot as I do now? Any issues that may arise?


Might be good either way, so whatever works better or is an easier routine.


Ok I’ll try it for 6 weeks and then get bloods, fingers crossed.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: