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Better to skip meal or have bad meal?


I'm sure we've all run into this situation in the past. Meal time sneaks up to you and you are unprepared. Do you skip the meal or grab something (even if it's higher fat or carbs) just to keep your body on schedule?


Meal time never sneaks up on me. I dont go anywhere i do anything without thinking ahead of time where and how im going to be eating.


Well I just eat no matter what it is. To me food is food specially on a bulking phase.


There was a thread on this a month or two ago. Search under "eat shit". Seriously. The thread is titled something like "eat shit or go 6 hours without food".

It depends on what your goals are. Well, either way, I'd eat, but if you aren't training for a bodybuilding competition on a certain date, what's wrong with a little splurge here or there? Reference the "MASS: Time to Get Some" thread if this doesn't sit well with you. :slight_smile:

Personally, I agree with Goldberg. Meal times don't sneak up on me; I sneak up on them.


This depends on what your goals are. If you are trying to gain size, why do you think that eating "high carbs" is a bad thing?


This happens to me all the time.

I have just learned to eat as close to a pure P+C or P+F meal as possible. If not I eat the lesser of all the evils available.

If that doesn't work I find something as low cal as possible that can satisfy me until I can eat something in my plan.


Goldberg -

I love your advice on this forum ... and I'm not being sarcastic. You give it how it is, and I've listened and made gains (especially about diet - just eat).

I was just wondering, what does a typical day look like for you, in terms of meals? I've been following your Dog Pound workout thread.




I agree with the boys!!

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

In my vehicle I have an emergency stash of grub because sometimes plans change and you must be prepared. Sunflower seeds, jerky, tuna, can opener, MRPs.

I have my meal plan written out days in advance according to my work and training schedule. This makes life simple.

Or you can call it your cheat meal and get over it.....your call.

After all....it won't kill you, just set you back a tad.


I know no such thing as a bad meal


Bergie's right on the money.

Obviously there are times when you might need to push back or move up meal time slightly, but there's really no excuse for not being prepared.

I find it difficult to believe that people don't have daily meal plans and menus that they follow on a regular basis. What...do you just play it by ear?

It's easy to map out your plan in Excel, post that sumbitch on the fridge and follow it to a T on a daily basis. Make your meals ahead of time and you won't be asking about what's better to eat because the situation won't be present.


Eat, Plan, Eat, Repeat. It doesn't take that long to Pre-prepare your food ahead of time. I have like 15 cooked chicken breasts in the fridge at all times. As Iron Maiden said have an emer stash in your car or Office. If, for some reason, you get caught with your pants down, EAT.

"Catabolism is da devil"


What about times when you have 5 meals planned for the day. Each meal is 3 hours apart. But, your schedule changes, and meal 5 will be at midnight...right before you go to bed. Would it be better to skip this meal, or should you eat?


I don't know about most of you guys jobs and lives but my life seems far more unstructured than yours, and it isn't from a lack of trying.

It appears to me that not everyone on this forum can have an alarm that sounds every 3 hours for chow time open up there cooler of precooked foods and eat.

Some of us may have office jobs or are on a set daily routine. Wake up, eat, class, eat, workout, eat, work, eat, rinse, wash, repeat. But I am sure there are a great number that don't have that luxury - Me being one.

For all the food I pack in my bag; for all the searches for a gym close to the hotel; and for all the times I order the Salmon grilled with no oil, with no potatoes or rice and double vegetables, hold the bread, only to have the fucker show up with a mango cream sauce. I now just say okay...I just eat!...ala Goldberg and lay down the guilt. It isn't that simple to plan every single meal on airplanes, hotels and business dinners and lunches.

I know I am venting here or whining but I used to get visually mad when a client wanted to go to dinner at a Chinese or Mexican restaurant...the first thing that would cross my mind was "damn, what the hell am I going to eat"


Phatman.....If I get caught with my pants down....I am not going to be the one doing the eating.......end of hijack.......LMAO. ;o)

As far as eating out.....there are always acceptable foods on the menu.....mexican=fajita hold the tortilla if you aren't eating white flour, chinese=cashew chicken or beef and broccoli no rice......lots more options available and don't be afraid to special order things. I even made a special request at the dang county fair.....Gyro on a plate instead of a pita bread.....made an excellent salad. This really is easy don't let it stress you out.


After I reread my post I was wondering who was going to bust my ass! There are all kinds of PUNSishment that could go with that post!

*Note to self - Spell check, then Proofread the post.


Good one, Iron Maiden. :slight_smile:


You gotta eat- life happens, and sometimes you can't get to your cottage cheese and yogurt, so have a burger and if you're low carbing get 2 and skip the buns, pass on the fries and don't super-size.


How many times is this subject going to be posted?! If you don't know what you are eating next you aren't planning well enough. And for those that still end up screwed (still caught without a meal though they planned) eating is better than not eating. Don't think that McDonalds is easier, faster, and more convenient than getting out of your dam car, going into a grocery store and buying some cottage cheese and some greens. Watch, if you time it, I bet it's faster!