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Better than Transformers


you just gotta see this


That's the kind of movie that I would have loved to watch back when I was smoking weed.


Wow. The dude's voice is ridiculous.


Why are the buildings bleeding? And how do you hide a chainsaw in your head?


I want my money back.


Wow, don't want any Tengu milk.


Oh no what happened?


mmm. fried scrimps


It was something that I got into, enjoyed, then got tired of. It was the same with alcohol and meth. When I was doing them, I wanted to be the best at it and i'd binge, then i'd make myself stop.

I like drinking on occasion, but I really don't miss meth and I do crave a bowl once in a great while, but not enough to smoke one. I feel stupid enough when i'm straight, no less high.


I respect your self-control.

But I do recall a certain thread a while back asking for advice on how to spend like 15 grand on your annual liquor supply. haha
No, but I thought that was fucking badass.


Way too fucked up. But it's always cool to know what those crazy Japs come up with.