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Better Supplement Than Whey Protein


Every male gym goer I know uses whey protein, I have been using it since I was about 15.

Besides convenience reasons and having a nice chocolate brownie flavoured shake is there a real benefit ?

I spend about 80$ every 30-45 days on whey for a 5kg bag is there a supplement that I can benefit more from ?

I am 190b at the moment so I only eat 200g protein per day. Thats about 900g chicken breast raw which isn't that much food. Plus since I am on a cut It will help keep my appetite full.

I take creatine because I know Its difficult to get 5g creatine from red meat hence the supplementation.
I take a multi because I know I probable can't get every vitamin from foods.
I take omega 3 because Im not gonna eat a bunch of oily fish everyday.

Are there any supplements such as creatine which cannot realistically be eaten from whole foods but provide benefits in getting bigger/leaner/stronger ?

(Fedex shipping to europe is pretty uneconomical unless I buy in bulk so please don't suggest indigo 3g/MAG-10/Plazma. )

BCAA, Leucine, Cla, ALA, HMB etc instead of whey if I am already hitting my protein needs through whole foods.


If you are already meeting your protien needs from whole food sources, you do not need to supplement whey. Maybe it would help to have a shake quickly post work out. Beyond that though you could just save the 80$ you are spending. On another note instead of whey I would maybe try Plazma, that would cover you for a lot of other things harder to get from food sources. It is also one of the best supplements I ever took.


I don't really agree with adding Plazma ... it's $$ which would probably be well above your $80 that you're currently spending.

However, I do find the MAG-10 to be an awesome post workout supp, but again the $$. I would consider it far superior to Whey and worth the money (I saw great results with the Plazma, MAG-10, Indigo-3G and Micro-PA stack, but for the money a MAG-10 / Micro-PA better suits my needs, especially if cutting calories).

If you're truly trying to find a more cost effective way to do your post workout, you can't go wrong with some fruit and then eating one of your chicken meals 30 min after as opposed to waiting an hour or longer. If you combine maybe 10-15 grams of whey with the fruit, you may be able to extend your 5lb bag longer as well, and then also have the chicken meal sooner.


True, MAG-10 also works great. Eating from whole food sources only, or using quality supplements if you want to spend the money makes all the difference.


I'm always looking to improve my supps budget as well and imo you can:
-cut the whey
-cut the Fish oil
-buy omega3 eggs as your main protein source along with chicken and also add red meat
-keep creatine and multi

Then do your maths, what are your caloric and protein/carbs numbers, how much budget do you have left. IMO you should have enough left for a bottle of Plazma and/or BCAA.

Fruits (Doing fructose research makes me consider up until 10/day acceptable) and buckwheat are always an option too


I highly doubt omega 3 eggs can replace a quality fish oil supplement.


I don't think fish oil is such an important supplement. And there is such a quality requirement that very good omegas3 should cost quite a lot..

You dont need a huge omega3 income, you better watch your omegas 6, and eat good saturated fats and animal fats that eat themselves omegas3 foods (ie organic and good labelled stuff)