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Better Strength on Ostarine than on Test E/Var

Hey guys before my cycle i was on Ostarine for a good 3 weeks and got insane strength gains i was lifting 40% more. Now im on Test-E 250 mg twice a week, and 60 mg of Var ED, I dont feel like i can lift like when i was just on Ostarine im back to lifting the same but i am getting gains. Not experiencing any side effects gained about 17 lb, just lacking the increased strength, is this normal on a test- E cycle? Im on week 5 of a 10 week cycle,

Meh. Everyone is different. I don’t feel any different now on 450/w vs my trt of 200/w. Some guys get every side you could, some get insane strength gains, others get steady growth without any huge spikes in mood, strength, or anything else. It’s not a universal experience.

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Like iron_yuppie said everyone is different. I put 30kg on my squat (170x3 - 200x3) and deadlift (210x3 - 240x3) in 6-8 weeks on 500mg a week.
I was pretty surprised.

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On cycle current, 500 test E per week, nothing crazy strength wise gained( maybe 20 lbs on compound lifts?) but I’m not focused on strength so much this cycle, and I barely feel like I’m on cycle, but weight is increasing really good and staying lean(like I want). Last cycle, 500 test e per week, strength shot up and shot up very quickly, decent steady weight gain. Cycle before that, 500 test e per week, a slow steady strength increase and a lot of weight gain. I never really “feel on cycle” until I enter the gym, that’s where I can tell a difference, everyday life feels the same.

Results for me seem to greatly depend on my diet as well, if I go crazy and eat everything in sight my strength and weight shoot up, but so does my body fat.

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