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Better Squat Form?

Recently ive been noticing that my squat form may not be quite right. I try to keep it decently low, ie not on my neck, but sometimes it slips too much. Also, under heavier weights my back keeps its arch, but goes forward somewhat. Is this a problem? Any tips on how to fix my form, or is it alright?

So any video and/or picture links to good squat form i can get?

Thanks all

It is inevitable that as the weight gets heavier things will go wrong, such as your back going forward. All it means is that your back needs to be strong. Keeping a tight arch in your back can only help so much. What kind of squat form do you do now? Narrow? Wide?

Well you could purchase the WS Squat Workout videos, I own them and they are pretty informative. Tape 3 of the WS Seminar is really detailed about squat form as you get to see Dave Tate take people with bad form and corret it.

i do a pretty wide stance as ive heard they are best to put up the most weight.

Any links to pics/vids?