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Better Sleep

THis is probably a complex subject but…I wake up early w/o full recuperation. I’d like 8 hrs. but get 6 or 7 max. I eat a decent diet, multivites, Tribex 500 (6 in the morning only), 5 gms. of creatine per day. Take one tab of valerian with a small glass of milk pre-bed. Not nervous about job or anything else. Tribulus or creatine on a cursory web search does not affect the nervous system, as far as I can tell. Occasionally, I use Androsol but I’m off it now and when on, I use 30 sprays…I mean, I’m really conservative with all these supps, I think. Thanks for any thoughts.

A) do you smoke before bed? B)If not, sounds like you just need more hours

Are you doing low-rep training, by chance? If so, this really taxes the CNS and could give you problems. Something like Power Drive could really help you out. Valerian is a decent choice, but kava (standardized extract) works better for me, or even ZMA. Alternatively, you could even eat a tryptophan producing food before bed such as shredded wheat/banana or sunflower seeds. Off topic, but are you from Nebraska, Big Red? I live in Grand Island.

Hey thanks for the advice. I moved from Lincoln to Santa Barbara,CA to work for a tech co…much better weather here(dah) but more character people and strong athletes back there.
In any event, I don’t smoke, but did pick up 5HTP and took it in lieu of valerian. Yes, I do perform mainly heavy weights…5 repsX5 or 6 sets, sort of like Pavel and others, although I’m not sure that a switch-over to a Coach Davies type program wouldn’t help me. No doubt better for systemic health too, agreed?

NE to CA??? Damn, I bet you’re going through culture shock right about now! Yeah, I love the low-rep 5x5 type stuff. That’s what I’m doing now except beforehand I am doing 3 sets of 1 with 95 percent of 1rm, adding an additional set each workout until I hit 8 sets, then I start over w. a heavier weight. Great stuff, but I have to admit I get worn down after workouts. Incidentally I just finished dieting w. EC so my adrenals are shot right now. I’m planning on adding Power Drive w. additional B-complex and C to get the system rolling again. 5-HTP may help you…incidentally there is a product made by Pharmassure that I saw at the GNC I work at called Z-Plex, that has 5-HTP, Kava and I can’t remember the other ingredient but I think it’s either Valerian or Melatonin. I think they’re downsizing the line so you might be able to get a really good deal on it. Good luck in CA…lots of hot chicks up there but NE has some pretty nice “farmer’s daughters.”

It does sound like more of a cultural / stress related issue. And hey since your in SB, drop down to Orange county and train when you have time. In faith, Coach Davies

What works for me


Low dose melatonin like 1 mcg

5 grams Inositol

300 mg Niacinamide

few kava caps

few Valerian caps

one 5-htp

2 grams G.A.B.A

few drops (whatever bottle says)passionflower extract.


3 grams L-phenylalanine

50 mg B6

1000 mg C

2 caps Ginko Biloba

3 grams choline

500 mg b5

100 mg D.M.A.E.

Phosphtidyl Seriene.

2 grams Acetyl L-Carnitine


thats a whole lotta of complication right there, how 'bout some warm milk?

Sounds like some early signs of overtraining. You may not have changed your training, but certainly other things in your life have changed, and it’s all systemic stress. I’m sure you know what to do for overtraining. If you know your normal resting heart rate (upon waking but before rising), check to see if it’s elevated, just to confirm if it really is overtraining.

try a short nap during the day., have your workouts as far apart from sleep as possible., take a week off,