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Better Second Cycle

Just wanted to get some feedback and see which would be the better option for me.
Im currently running 9 weeks test E 500mg week/ 4 weeks dbol and am only 4 weeks in and have already gained a solid 14 lbs =))) couldnt be happier with the results. All i can say is ive been using the “bulking up for winter” line alot these days lol I’ve been able to reach a solid 220lbs which is amazing for me.

Ive been so satisfied with the results that im already thinking about a possible second cycle which would take place this summer. Ive seen 2 options on this thread however and i was just wondering possible pros and cons to both and what you guys think,

Option A: Keep the same cycle just bump the test E up to 750mg per week with d bol first 4 weeks
Option B: Test E 500mg/Deca 300mg per week Dbol first 4 weeks.

Any other possible stacks for a good second cycle I would consider as well. Thankss