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Better Results with H-Drol or M-Drol?


What supplement will ive me better results, H-drol or M-drol?


Just a quick question but how old are you?
Its dependent on your age.


What kind of results are you looking for, how long have you trained, what are your stats, have you ever used PH/DS before (doesn't sound like it to me), what is your training currently like, etc., etc., etc.

Your question is too vague. I will tell you this right off the bat: M-drol, S-drol, or whatever you want to call it is no joke; this is a very powerful steroid--fuck pro-hormone or any of that nonsense. This stuff does not convert to anything, it is active itself. It was developed either in the 50's or 60's (can't remember now)by a major pharmaceutical company.

It was tested and they decided to not release it as a steroid for human use DUE TO THE HIGH POTENTIAL FOR SIDE EFFECTS. It is very powerful and potentially effective, but also highly hepatotoxic. BEWARE.



both are crap!

Please give stats next time, age, years training, etc.....


I disagree. People have gained over 10-15 pounds on 6 week H-DROL cycles with little sides if any. I used P-MAG (similar to H-DROL) along with 400mg/week of Test-E and it helped harden me up real well and when taken before a workout got me very pumped. I was able to dose it up to 100mg/day without any noticeable sides.

OP: Asking such a vague question basically tells everyone that you haven't done enough research to even consider taking a PH/DS. Not trying to flame you, just saying that if you care about your health you should definitely do a lot of research before touching any of it. People have done permanent damage to themselves by using even mild PH's in an uneducated manner. 99% of what you need to know is out there if you start doing research. You need to be well versed on dosages, side effects, etc. not to mention how to execute a proper PCT.

Also, unless you like the idea of having to be on expensive HRT for the rest of your life and never having the option to produce any children of your own, stay away completely if you are under 21. I won't lie to you and say those things WILL happen if you use under 21, but the risk is much higher.


I also have to disagree that both of these PH/DS are crap. Both can be quite effective; however, the liver toxicity issue with M-drol/S-drol is very real.



This has to be a troll, here is his post in another thread that he started:


Oh man. A 15 year old looking to dive into PH/DS. Bad news.

I think it's time for a mod to take out their trusty ban stick...


NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 15 yr old using anything other than protein and creatine is a BAD idea!!!!!!


well for arms biceps got to try every thing light weights and heavy i suggest you do light and heavy workout each week do 20 to 10 reps 3 to 4 sets each exersise two to three exercises but remember the riceps make up for most of the arm so train them also this way and all sets to fail ow for hevy sets of 10 to 6 and eat plenty i even used to train them 3 times a week but i belive now thats over kill


Not at all there are plenty supplements teens can use other than protein and creatine.
But prohormone (or in this case designer steroid) usage is defiantly a no-no.


15 yr old guido on PH's.. Probaly one of these kids..


Why the fuck are people still bumping this thread? There are other subforums to dick around in.