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Better pump with no food

Does anyone know why I often get an increased pump (especially in my pecs)if I haven’t eaten for 5-6 hours? It makes no sense to me, but it’s fascinating none the less.


Possibly because the blood and 02 that is normally in your gut, doing it’s job that is, is now free for better circulation (i.e., pump). Just an idea.

I don’t know about 5-6 hours but to quote arnold: the muscles require an ample supply of blood during training, since a lot of the pump you experience is from blood swelling up your muscles. But if the digestive system is also using excess amounts of blood to digest a big meal, there wont be enough blood to go around and your muscles will suffer for it.

Damn, cool. Thanks, for asking this, magnus. The same thing happens to me, and I’ve never really thought about it until your post.

The splanchnic and muscle blood flow tradeoff is a function of amount of food to be digested and exercise intensity. More food and lower intensity=greater splanchnic blood flow. Less food and greater intensity=greater muscle blood flow. More food and greater intensity=you puking Surge all over yourself during deadlifts.

Would definetly have to do with what previous posters stated about b gastro-intestinal blood supply, but could possibly also have something to do with the fact that durring fasting growth hormone is elevated. Here are two ‘psuedoscientific’ that probably have no scientific backing since i can not recall any information off the top of my head concerning growth hormones effects on vascular perfusion.

High levels of growth hormone are released durring training where sets of approx 10 reps are performed with short 60 second rests. The lactic acid produced apparently causes an increase in growth hormone. Now this lactic acid training for me atleast is associated with getting a great pump. Now while the pump is obviously not entirely due to the growth hormone, growth hormone could well be a contributing factor. It #may# contribute to enhancing blood flow. It might do this to help facilitate the removal of lactic acid to the area (remember that high levels of lactic acid are a stimulis for growth hormone secretion).

Growth hormone stimulates the uptake of amino acids from the blood and their incorporation into cellular proteinsas well as facilitating the use of fatty acids in the musculature. Now it makes sence that if the hormone is acting on muscle tissue that it could possibly have an effect on the blood vessels supplying the tissue on which it acts upon.

Okay so since you have not eaten for 5 or 6 hours growth hormone levels may be elevated helping to cause vascular dilation in blood vessels supplying the musculature for the above reasons.

Wholes in my theories

I can not recall the effects of growth hormone on the vasculature as i sit here at 1 am. So everything i have said could be wrong.

Even if growth hormone does cause the exact effects i mentioned i am not sure that a 6 hour fast would cause them to rise to levels high enough to cause noticably better pumps.

Okay now, have any of the steriod/drug users out there experienced better pumps while using growth hormone. Magnus maybe if you asked the same question on the steroid board you could get a better answer. The understanding of endocrinology on that board is far superior to the understanding of endocrinology on this board.

Could be that since you have there is no food intake, that maybe the inflammatory process of muscle breakdown is continuing. Meaning, no post workout meal means no glycogen and protein synthesis. Maybe its the swelling from the inflammatory process of working out.