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Better Prebed Meal?


Choice 1
~6oz ground turkey
~1oz almonds

Choice 2
~1.5 scoops casein
~0.5 scoops whey
~large TBSP PB

Both around 350 calories, 17fat, 42protein, 8carb

But choice 2 tastes a hellavalot better and doesn't require cooking




Neither is better.


I usually opt for 1 pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.


I just finished off one myself.


What might you recommend then. The calories/macros I show are what I'm aiming for


I wrote "neither is better" because they're both good.

Who's gonna say nuts and lean protein are bad?


Im gonna raise my hand and have to say its bad. "Nuts" and "lean protein" are the last thing I want in my mouth :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, ok you might have a good point. Thanks for the replies guys, just making sure it looked decent


Yeah man, both are great in all honesty. Don't over think it just eat the one you like more.


For me I prefer liquid nutrition before bed. It's easier for me to digest. Choice 1 may make you feel fuller, but that's the trade off.