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Better Post Workout Shake?


I currently take Metabolic Drive low carb after my workout and before bed. Looking to put on weight(mostly muscle...hopefully). Would I be better off switching to Grow! after my workout while still taking the low carb Metabolic Drive before bed?


What's your height and weight?

What does your training look like?

What are you eating during the day?

I'd have either Grow! with some carbs (juice, Gatorade, something) or Surge Recovery before and/or during your workout, and keep the Metabolic Drive during the day/night. Grow! is a kind of "faster" protein that your body can put to better use right around training, while Surge Recovery is specifically designed as a workout shake. Metabolic Drive is a combination of different proteins that "works" by being digested a bit more slowly.


hhahahaha^^ again i see


Ha, dude, you have no idea. I think I asked that in three different threads yesterday. No real answers yet. The streak continues.


I'm keeping count. Thinking f starting a poll actually.

Btw, it's way more then 3. Smiley face.