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Better Piece of Equipment Long Term?


Hey guys, I’ve been doing the 531 beginner template and loving it! The extra volume is really helping with my strength gains. I’ve been doing a variety of assistance exercises like chin ups, DB rows, DB bench, farmer’s walks, etc. But I would like to also do both dips and back raises as well. The thing is, i only have the budget and space for either a Roman chair or a dip station. I just wanted to get some opinions on what the more beneficial exercise is long term? If you could only choose between one, which would you go with? Thanks!


Roman chair. You can do a whole bunch of push-ups, floor presses, skull crushers etc to hit your triceps and chest and drive your OHP and bench instead of dips. Back raises are harder to replace.


Thanks for your input! Good point, didn’t think of it like that. I should
mention that I also recently started doing skull crushers with the EZ Curl
bar, which is a great exercise.