Better Libido Pre-TRT

I don’t get it. Was horny as hell before starting and now no libido. What the hell is going on??

You could start by explaining “what the hell is going on”

Maybe your protocol
How much test , is it once or twice per week
Do you use HCG / how much
Do you use an AI / how much

How long have you been on TRT

A recent Blood Lab profile to post ?

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Pre trt tt was 390-400 e2 was around 12
Nov. 1 Started on gel test went to 1000 e2 15
Switched past 2 weeks to injections 50 mg every 3.5 days. Haven’t had labs done since injections. But libido has been gone since I started. No hug no AI

When did libido go away? After you started TRT or after you switched to injection?

After starting trt

When was the blood work taken in regard to gel application? What was your protocol with the gel? The gel will still shut down your HPG axis, like any exogenous T source, and over the course of 4-6 weeks your T will drop as your system shuts down. So that may have started to level out on your gel dose (perhaps underdosed?) and then switching over to injections was a change to your protocol so it will take time to level out again.

The 1000 was peak. Trough was like 200. Was definitely shutdown as LH was .2. Is it worth getting labs after 2 weeks of injections. Also while I have you I’m going to miss 2 injections next week due to vacation you may have chimed in on this on another post but would you double up my last dose before I leave or just leave as is. I’ve actually been taking around 60 mg e3.5 days the past week. Last injection was Tuesday morning and will do one Friday night prior to leaving. Thanks for the help!

Waste of money getting tests after only 2 weeks.

Get back on track after vacation and wait a least 6 weeks for new bloods. Seee how you feel then and look at blood work for your next step.

Personally on your shot before you go on vacation I would double it up and go 120. But Im not a doctor.

I’m leaning that way however I think I’ve noticed a little bit of anxiety creeping in after Injection so a bit worried the increase would exacerbate it

Id say its better than the anxiety of bottoming out T while on vacation. Or figure out how to bring it.

So I did 80 mg. Crisler seems to think 80 sub q is equal to 100 im plus I did 60 on Wednesday so this should keep me over a 100 for most of the week would it not? Assuming half life of Wednesday’s 60 mg will be at 30 next Wednesday and the 100 won’t be reduced to 50 until next Friday . Hopefully it’s enough