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Better HIIT Programming for Fat Loss?

Which HIIT program is better for fat loss. 30 seconds of high intensity followed by 30 seconds of rest for 10 rounds. Or 1 minute of high intensity followed by 1 minute of rest for 5 rounds. My initial thoughts are that the former would be better as the intensity should be higher for 30 seconds compared to a minute. I realize that I will eventually hit a plateau and will have to overload. This is for a beginner to intermediate person. Thanks.

It don’t think it’d make a notable difference. Fat loss is diet much more than training, untill you get to REALLY high volumes of training. Do which ever you can stick to better, or even alternate.

Thanks for the comments. I’m doing the dieting. Just trying to maximize the cardio. I’d like to get body fat into the upper teens. Right now I’m at 22% according to the gizmo at the gym.

The “gizmos” at the gym are useless.

The gizmo is an Inbody Scan device. I realize they are not perfect, but they are pretty good and as long as you remain consistent, they can definitely measure progress.

For fat loss I personally find something more substantial much better than HIIT but that’s only based on my experience. By substantial I only mean 20-25 minutes fairly steady but at a good pace and by all means throwing some intervals in, just spread out more across the session.

edit throwing the above in twice a week (maybe one treadmill one bike or stair climber) along with my 1 hour football session on a Monday really kicked my fat loss into another stratosphere but I accept some of that may have been an assist from the shake up in programming.

I have recently switched to using the Tank for my post workout finishers. If you are not familiar with this evil piece of equipment, think a prowler sled with technology. You can see it in action on YouTube, but you really need to get behind one to appreciate it.